Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Raw Appeal

By Marina Correa
Photography: Andre J Fanthome; courtesy Lotus Design

Cast metal gate inspired by one of Gaurav's sketches marks the entrance

Delhi-based Lotus Design Studio design a boutique for Gaurav Gupta, where structure and form converge to reflect the fashion designer’s sartorial sensibility…

Suspended concrete wall creates two zones within

As one enters fashion designer Gaurav Gupta’s boutique, anorexic mannequins hanging from the ceiling and a looped cast iron gate lend an edgy feel to the space, but only just.

Hand-formed cash counter with strips of metal

Because, as you turn the corner, plenty of avant-garde influences such as an asymmetrical leather sofa and table, handcrafted metallic hooks, Art Nouveau-inspired lacquered steel display racks, among others, impart an eclectic vibe to the 1,250 sq ft area.

Lacquered mild steel display racks
Hand-crafted metal display hooks

Conceived as an immersive environment sculpted in monochrome, “the concept for the store was born out of a duality of Gaurav’s collections for his prêt and couture lines”.

Suspended, curved walls act as dividers within the relatively tight volume, slicing the area into two zones without actually dividing it; allowing for a free flowing circulatory path.

Sand cast iron juxtaposed against cast concrete

The sand cast iron shelves juxtaposed against the rough finished concrete walls and exposed concrete ceiling lend the space a raw aesthetic appeal. Contrastingly, the polished concrete flooring balances this equation with smoothness and gloss. Adding an element of surrealism, mirrors are designed using fabric draped on their sides, which create an illusion of them melting!

Free-form quilted leather furniture & 'melting' mirror

Being a designer boutique, the firm has placed great emphasis on hand-crafted features right from cast concrete panels to hand-forged ceiling — reflecting an honesty right from conception to execution, through raw materiality, where structure and form are the showstoppers! 


  1. Wow! It's awesome art and design. Sand cast iron juxtaposed against cast concrete was so beautiful.

  2. La classe ethnicodesign


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