Friday, April 19, 2013

Interiors & Budgets - How much is too much?

By Pari Syal      
Emran Haashmi's living room
 Courtesy: Ar. Parag Pandya
Like a bottomless pit, there is basically no limit to how much one can spend to fulfill one’s quotient of comfort and aesthetics. IAnD attempts to seek an answer...

Every action, every process on the raw material creates a unique effect; for example, for a glass tabletop, you could either consider a 12mm or 19mm glass as the basic surface and then finish it with either a plain machine polished edge or bevel it or mould it; consequently costs vary. Now if you would like to have the centre etched, or carved and then the artwork sandwiched for a unique effect, with the edges fused, it would involve four distinct processes for a single tabletop that satisfies your singular tastes for your home.
Living room by Shabnam Gupta
Courtesy: Ar. Shabnam Gupta

Likewise, the finish on a cabinet surface: while the cheapest possible option would be to paint the shutters, the same when finished with an original painting of a renowned artist could cost you the price of your entire house and more!!  So what should budgetary estimates conform to? How much is too little or too much? Where does one draw the line??
world wide web
Courtesy: World Wide Web

Clearly, personal preferences are the mainstay of this decision, say most designers and householders alike. Priorities take precedence and their order thus inculcates varied tastes and standards. The crux of any design and décor project, whether new or refurbished, calls for an initial budget that then sets the pace for the kind of ambiance, functionality and comfort levels that one proposes to achieve in his home. Added to this is the basic issue of space. Does one have the space for all the paraphernalia that he may wish to include in his home? Well, even if space permits, does his pocket? And let’s consider, he has both; but does he have the aesthetic sense that is a prerequisite for the holistic completion of a good home décor?? 
Courtesy: Ar.Nainesh Jain

Individuality is the key: Coming back to our primary question, what then is the key to a mid-way solution for a reasonably well designed home? Individuality! Bearing in mind the distinct personality that each person is and his equally distinct environmental, social, political, economic and cultural needs and wants, the bottom line for a ‘good’ home décor is one’s very personal quotient and definition of ‘good’. A heavily crafted, overly detailed, profusely designed and decorated home could relate to one individual’s personal level of satisfaction while a sparse minimal décor could be another’s idea of ideal home. And, mind you, this does not mean that the former would cost more than the latter. 
Living room by Shabnam Gupta
Courtesy: Ar. Shabnam Gupta

Bathroom by Ar. Parag Pandya - Emran Haashmi's home
Courtesy: Ar. Parag Pandya

“It is very necessary to know when to stop” say most interiors designers; irrespective of the decor and design styles that they exemplify. Hence, it is to be surmised that a singularity of opinion, thought, exposure to the design world, socio-cultural factors and the like are inherent applicators in the process of designing and decorating one’s home. Consequently, just as the basic tenets of design tell us that there are no set rules – no rights and wrongs per se, there really seems nothing like a set budget for a well designed home! Or is there?!

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