Friday, January 25, 2013

Vaastu & Kuber

By Chirag Sharma

Kuber Yantra, Vaastu Shastra, God of Wealth, Talisman, Prosperity,

Success in life cannot be attributed to wealth alone. Vaastu Consultant Sushil Agarwal takes a look at what Vaastu Shastra has to say about Kuber – the God of Wealth…

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science that has caught on as a lifestyle trend, engaging believers and practitioners alike from one end of the spectrum that spells ‘rationale’ to the other end that overshoots ‘misconceptions’!

To understand the science of Vaastu and its relationship to the different elements that individually and collectively affect our lives and living patterns, a simple understanding of the placement and direction of these elements is of primary importance. The primary 8 include 4 placements of Agni or fire, Vayu or wind, weight or heaviness such as the placement of the storage units, cupboards etc., and the position of the puja sthal or place of worship. This is followed by 4 directions – north, south, east and west. Once these primary 8 are in synch, the science falls into place.

Kuber or the God of wealth in Hindu mythology is said to reside in the north direction. The more open the area here, the more enriched is the family. This is also the most favoured place for household funds.

Kuber Yantra, Vaastu Shastra, God of Wealth, Talisman, Prosperity,

The Kuber Yantra or the Talisman of Wealth is an extremely powerful and somewhat rare yantra, considered to bless the worshipper with wealth and prosperity. Generally made of gold, silver or copper, it is best placed in the north of the home.

Some spot pointers that can help:
  • Keep the North and East directions in the home light, open, spacious and airy.

Kuber Yantra, Vaastu Shastra, God of Wealth, Talisman, Prosperity, Open Airy Spaces, Open North

  • Windows or doors in this direction are considered extremely favourable. 
  • Always keep your money under lock and key.
  • Supplement the wealth factor in the home by including a seascape, the picture of water or of women returning with pots of water, on the north wall of the home.

Kuber Yantra, Vaastu Shastra, God of Wealth, Talisman, Prosperity, North, Seascape,

  • Pay special attention that the picture conveys happiness. Avoid any pictures of a waterfall, which depicts mountains. 

  • Strictly avoid – pictures and photographs of dolphins, animals, animal fights and any painting or artefact that depicts sorrow or gloom.

After many anecdotes and examples of the Vaastu-Kuber touch-n-go affiliation, Sushil Agarwal firmly reinstates the all-powerful hand of the Almighty. The bottom line, he says is "Human effort remains paramount." 

Kuber Yantra, Vaastu Shastra, God of Wealth, Talisman, Prosperity,


  1. Worship of Lord Kubera is believed to be the basis of gain of unlimited wealth and prosperity.For when Lord Kubera is pleased he blesses the person with material success and wealth. The chances of coming into wealth unexpectedly and suddenly increases.And no matter how much one spends, money keeps flowing in provided the wealth is used for constructive purposes and not for destructive or anti-social activities.So Lord Kubera is propitiated for quick financial gains,unexpected gains of money through lotteries etc and a prosperous business.

  2. Excellent Article. Inspiring.

  3. Interesting....especially the ratios in the end. Is there a Vastu website you recommend?


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