Friday, January 4, 2013

Coloured Denim for 2013!

By Pari Syal
Photography: Courtesy GAS Jeans Pvt. Ltd., India

With denim being the most comfortable fabric and trendy couture to any occasion, pop-the-eye hues and pastel sweet-nothings may just overtake the indigo popular in 2013!

“Coloured denim is a theme that has recurred since the late ’80s early ’90s and denim specialists introduce it in conjunction with the global fashion trends,” informs Barbara Grotto, Head of Communications, GAS Jeans Pvt Ltd- India.


Keeping abreast of international fashion trends, Barbara maintains that GAS has in the last 2 to 3 seasons introduced coloured denim in many different versions: from the classic black, white and grey to bright neon tones, to more innovative, sophisticated styles. With denim as their core business, a range of garments – skirts, shirts, jackets, shorts etc are designed in the ubiquitous fabric, always respecting that identity is nowadays expressed by the word, ‘Essensual’ - meaning perfect mix of essentiality & sensuality.


Spring Summer’13 promises a very advanced technique: a treatment that attacks the fabric, and by varying the intensity of the beam, creates a camouflage effect embossed with floral elements. Medium to medium light shades that includes neon’s, pastels and other bright colours will rule. Coloured denims will play an important role, starting from classic grey denim and explore new directions. Denim fabrics coloured inside and grey outside as a result of intense washes for the women’s range and lighter ones for the men’s, creates chiaroscuro effects and unusual colour nuances that go from acid green to teal, mauve and wisteria blue.


While the men’s range will have pastel mineral dyes with brilliant, almost fluo-effects and different depths of colour; womenswear will continue to boast the ‘Sumatra’ jegging - the second skin effect 5 pocket jeans for women. Already topping the charts over the last few seasons, romantic flowery prints or gritty reptile patterns will highlight some of the different interpretations of the jeggings in pastel shades, both solid and printed, and in a reverse two-tone version with contrast inside and outside, where the inside is in neon colours.  


One can look forward to coloured denim go from sandpapering and light washes to give a discreet yet authentic look that is fluid and pleasing to the touch, or heavier but still discreet and sophisticated to treatments with darns and mends that use tone-on-tone yarns, patches, colour spots and dirtying. More generally, Summer will see the return of a clean cut but elegant look where authentic-flavour denim is given an up-to-date, sophisticated “raw used” interpretation.


The coloured denim bonanza promises a splash of vivacity for contemporary clothing that goes beyond the fashions of the moment to express the wearer's individuality on all occasions.


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  1. Deepak R ShamdasaniJanuary 5, 2013 at 4:07 PM

    u r right - colored denim is the HOT look..


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