Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Teenage Décor

By Chirag Sharma

Photography: Courtesy bilvil.com

A teenage room breathes vitality into a home! Here are some just-a-minute solutions to pep up your teenager’s decor...

A volatile mix of music, speed, books, friends, SMSs, and fast foods, forms, fads, and colours go racing by and find an ideal reflection in a perky décor suited to the blossoming personality of the individual.

Here are some smart solutions to pep up your youngster’s den…

  • Try adding touches of single/ multiple vibrant colours /textures on just one wall making it the highlight of the room. This accent wall could be covered in faux leather/stone/metallic wall paper, fabric or just simple paint too!

Photography: Courtesy nicehomedecor.com

  • Add pep via a backdrop. It could be behind the bed or on any of the walls. A pin up of your youngster’s favourite player, sports flag, and musician, whatever can make a spectacular pin-up!

Photography: Courtesy homeinfurniture.com

  • Use mood lighting to help your teenager alter the ambience according to the mood – loud and party-kind, sober, romantic…

Photography: Courtesy Project Designers

  • Soothe your teenager’s overwrought nerves – try some calming solids – bright or sober – on the coordinating soft furnishings instead of bold or disharmonious prints.

Photography: Courtesy Maspar India

  • Add a strikingly attractive light fitting to the room. The zanier the better. Your kiddo will love it!

Photography: Courtesy vividlighting.co.uk

An ideal solution would be to evolve an interaction of various elements through repainting, or through soft furnishings since it allows you the flexibility of reworking without too much expense and time. For, with a gradually maturing confused young mind on your hands, the transition stages from early teens to the threshold of adulthood can be effectively neutralised by just changing the ambience from bright colours to softer hues.

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