Friday, December 7, 2012

Art & Spirituality – The Handwriting Connect

By Pari Syal
Photography: Courtesy Jyoti Naoki Eri

Calligraphy by Irshad Farooqi, Delhi, India

Based on the principle that the art of handwriting or Calligraphy is akin to spiritual practice in daily life, the exhibition Ek Sutra celebrates the coming together of calligraphic art forms from different cultural backgrounds, showcasing both, traditional and contemporary works.

“We are not categorized in existing frames, all the artists are simply inspired by the spirit of ‘One Asia’ project,” informs Jyoti Naoki Eri, veteran calligrapher and Founder-Director of the One Asia Project.

Calligraphy by Qamar Dagar, Delhi, India

Calligraphy by Michele Archambault, New York/Paris

Initiated spontaneously in 2010 as a small celebration of the ‘spirit of oneness’, the One Asia Project is today a growing platform that nurtures diverse cultural sets, basking in the glow of a common aesthetic appreciation and realizing the higher echelons of spiritual strength. In its third edition being hosted from 15th to 20th Dec.’12 at India International Centre, Delhi, it showcases Ek Sutra - an exhibition by 18 calligraphers from around the world.


The exhibition depicts the art in various languages - Urdu, Hindi, Devanagari script, Chinese, Korean, Sanskrit, Japanese and abstract forms. With ceramic artists, painters, photographers and multimedia artists as participants, different cultural sensibilities - Indian, Iranian, Japanese, French, Taiwanese, Korean, Mongolian and German etc., evolve to form a strong spiritual base.

Calligraphy by Dharmesh jadeja, Auroville, India

Calligraphy by Chow Yu, Taipei, Taiwan

Jyoti tells us that the art form, which is revered in Japan, can teach one important lessons of life. “Hand written messages convey a lot beyond mere transmission of ideas. In this perspective, calligraphy can be a very interesting instrument of self expression in our highly computerized and commercialized age,” he enthuses.

Calligraphy by Tanjung, South Korea

Attempting to discover the importance of “How to manifest the ONE in many forms",   the exhibition will send out a powerful message that proposes to strongly impact the stereotype image of calligraphy.

Calligraphy by Anis Siddiqui, Delhi, India


  1. Wow! very good

  2. I am not sure about the spiritual aspects of Calligraphy however, when it comes to hand writing, it is a window to a persons charistics. If fact I put aside Mount Blanc pens for all of my siblings...It insures that I will always be in their hands, after I leave...Wink ~!

  3. its a great show. everyone must make the effort to go see!;-)

  4. Amazing Islamic art work....


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