Tuesday, July 24, 2012


By Pari Syal
Photography: Courtesy Eram Scientific

E-Toilet christened “Delight” is India’s technological answer to public sanitation ensuring cleanliness, sustainability and efficient maintenance.

Scarcity of toilets has not been the crippling issue in our country; it is the lack of maintenance of existing facilities that is the key problem tarnishing the public sanitation system and making it unfit for use.

The eToilet offers a fitting solution to this problem. Developed by Eram Scientific, the ‘eToilet’ is India’s first electronic public toilet – a fully automated, electronically monitored system. A customer support division further ensures that the toilet units are sterile, clean and error-free at all times.


The main advantage of the eToilet is its highly cost-effective mechanism to ensure proper public sanitation facility in highly populated regions. Highly durable with the average life span of 7-10 years, the self-sustaining (income from advertisements and coin collection) entrepreneurial model is designed to generate employment opportunities, by offering Self Help Groups (SHG) the maintenance and upkeep of the eToilet units, providing them with dignity of labour, otherwise denied to such labourers.  

The main features of eToilet include:
  • Compact built up space
  • Automatic payment collection
  • Automatic doors
  • Automatic washing mechanisms
  • Water conservation technologies
  • Power mechanism
  • GPRS enabled controls
  • Unique income generation model  

With 100+ installations in Kerala and 250+ installations underway all over India, the project is garnering extensive support from various organizations, including state-level legislations and government bodies. Alongside this acceptance comes another heartening issue - that further strategies are constantly being worked upon to meet specific customers’ needs and adaptation to almost any domestic/ commercial purposes without hampering the aesthetics of the location.

New developments on the anvil include rural intervention with compact STP and cost-effective individual home/office solutions. The eToilet has already gained acclaim with 10 awards in various social and product innovation categories since its launch in 2011.  It purports to be the ideal solution in public health and sanitation, social progress and public infrastructure.



  1. I totally agree because we are living in the same community. Normally, our office has shared our expertise to create a few FREE landscape designs to the community or temple. We think that paying back somethings good to our society in which we live. It is our duty.
    Posted by Sittichai Chantakrau on Linkedin Group: Indian Architects and Interior Designers in response to IAnD's discussion thread: Should every creative professional contribute a small share of his expertise to socially relevant design, irrespective of monetary returns?

  2. Good idea, very useful for future designers & this platform can give a such ideas by sharing our thoughts.


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