Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Perfume Packaging

By Cluster One

Amor Concept
The process of perfume packaging involves exploration of both - design ideas for new bottles as well as packaging options. Alternately, one could use an existing reservoir (bottle) and design a minimal collar and closure, for which a standard pump can be used. Designers at Cluster One explored both alternatives…

The Indian company Grace Universal is the bulk producer of perfume products and supplier to well known brands. Its initiation into the lower-to-mid segment of the European market with its own brand began with its brief to Pune-based design company Cluster One, where the process involved exploring design ideas for both - new bottles as well as packaging options. Alternately, a second approach suggested was to use an existing reservoir (bottle) and design a minimal collar and closure, for which a standard pump was to be used.

Designers Parag Sen and Parag Ainchwar of Cluster One first thoroughly mulled over the business of perfumes and the nature of fragrances. The next step was to study the targeted market segment, which in this case, was the faster moving segment usually packaged in lower capacity bottles; and garner an understanding of the market players. It was clearly laid out that the intended perfumes were to be packaged in 100 ml bottles only, and sold at the price point of below 10 dollars. Sample perfumes provided were fruity to floral in nature. The fragrances were more piquant than mild, with strong high notes.

Design Response: As initial concept generation, new ideas for bottles were explored. Concept-a   was based on a river pebble concept. Chrome accents were suggested, keeping in mind the nature of the segment, where many products jostled for visibility and space. Other bottle design concepts ranged from less feminine (concept-b) to uncommon (bottle-c).

A cap and collar assembly was also designed in Surlyn Plastic (a highly transparent glassy polymer with a glossy feel, generally used for perfume bottles) for an existing bottle being used by the company (collar-cap). The idea was based on a simple cork stopper with a shell as stylized traditional lid-top.  

Collar Cap
The young team at Cluster One developed packages around the suggested names of 'Amor Amor’ (translates to 'Love Love') and J’adore (not to be confused with the Christian Dior product), which translates as 'I adore'. The colour of the perfumes provided the colour cue and communicated the message in highlights on the packaging. The packages were built around the idea of men buying perfumes for the ladies. One concept carried the motif of a cactus as a contrarian approach to the expression of love.

Amor Concept Copy Text
'J’adore' seemed comparatively understated. A similar concept was adapted with hues in green for J’adore. Final layouts were done in whites with a key motif on the package in the perfume highlight. The motif sought to crystallize the personality of the product, in this case floral, convivial and perhaps carnal.

Jadore Final
Amor Amor Final
The final products launched by the client was based on the 'Cap and Collar over Existing Bottle' concept. The effort was to minimize mould costs initially. The two brands launched were 'Amelia' and 'Divinity' based on the project names of 'Amor Amor' and 'J’adore' respectively. 

Product Launch-Amelia
Product Launch-Divinity


  1. Parag and Parag! Simple yet Elegant designs....a very appealing write-up on the box...loved the bold (but not distinct) presentation!! Best wishes, Ritwik Sengupta, Bangalore

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